[LINK] RFI: Public Wiki Servers?

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Dec 7 16:46:12 AEDT 2006

Another dumbo question, but where better to ask it?!

I'm involved in several organisations that could make use of a wiki, 
variously for:
-   open, public read-and-write
-   public-read / controlled-write
-   password-controlled-access-only

Some of the organisations are impecunious public interest associations.

It's feasible for some of these organisations to negotiate with 
sponsors in order to get access to a wiki service.

But first the key players in those organisations need to understand 
what a wiki is, and how it may (or indeed may not) work in their 
context.  (I'm in that boat myself, because the only wiki'ing I've 
done is a very limited amount of contribution to a couple of 
Wikipedia pages).

I've seen one or two sandboxes, e.g.:

Can linkers advise on what facilities are available to support 
experimentation with wikis?  Constraints would be fine, e.g. length 
of time, number of documents, number of participants - as long as 
they enable a full cycle of collaborative document development to be 

Even an indication of what keywords to search with would be handy.  I 
didn't manage to refine <wiki "public access"> and similar terms 
sufficiently to start hitting the motherlode.


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