[LINK] unlawful interception of internet traffic?

Jim Birch planetjim at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 19:34:00 AEDT 2006

Eric Scheid wrote:
> To test ... if you set your DNS lookup to come from elsehwere (avoiding
> using the ISP's DNS resolvers) .. do you now get the correct results?
To test: send them a formally worded snail mail indicating that you 
believe they are breaking the law and intend to follow it up.  Even if 
you had a supporting opinion from a QC, I doubt that that you could get 
the authorities to act, because the Internet is considered too 
intangible, ephemeral and complicated, and likewise the injury you are 

What they are doing is clearly wrong but I think it might be fairly 
common.  I've noticed dns requests redirected before when I was running 
a network with redundant ISPs.

It's possible that the small print somewhere says that they reserve the 
right to modify addressing to maintain network integrity or something. 
Which doesn't change the legality but muddies the water.  You could 
argue that an "invisible" www proxy server is an interception too but 
that's also considered normal...


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