[LINK] unlawful interception of internet traffic?

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Dec 8 12:14:45 AEDT 2006

Craig Sanders wrote:
> OTOH, some customers are slack and don't bother to inform their (ex-)
> ISP that they have got a new service provider.  ISPs aren't mind
> readers, they can't magically know that their customer no longer needs
> the DNS hosting service.  THIS scenario of customer slackness is far
> more common than the ISP incompetence or ISP malice scenarios. this
> could be seen as a good thing or a sad thing, depending on how you look
> at it :)
Customer Slackness wasn't the case, my new ISP diagnosed the old one as 
recalcitrant..but I thought we had worked through the DNS stuff only to 
be surprised a year later (quite by accident) that there were still 

I should say, that the ownership of my original ISP had changed several 
times. It was only that I knew of the connection between the name of my 
friends ISP and my original ISP that I could diagnose the problem.

Maybe in your case the DNS servers did once belong to the a different ISP.

But go for technical resolution over a law suit every time. Though when 
I was trying to resolve my problems I felt it would be good to know what 
the escalation/resolution process was TIO? AUDA? Trade practices as 
suggested by Brendan.

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