[LINK] unlawful interception of internet traffic?

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Dec 8 16:40:07 AEDT 2006

Craig Sanders wrote:
> there's also a bit more to the story. there are at least 3 entities
> involved. i'll call them ISP A, ISP B, and ISP C.  
> ISP A & B are the ones being blocked, and ISP B is the one whose domain
> is being hijacked.
> ISP C is the one doing the blocking and DNS hijacking.
> as i understand the situation (and note: this is just hearsay and i have
> no direct involvement or knowledge of the circumstances, except for the
> IP blocking and DNS hijacking which i *have* seen for myself):
> the guy who runs ISP A used to be (until earlier this year) the main
> technical guy and half-owner of ISP C. he was kicked out of ISP C by his
> business partner and there is bad blood between them.  AFAIK, he still
> owns 50% of ISP C, although that may have changed...dunno.
> after that, he started another company, ISP A.  ISP C are blocking ISP
> A's IP addresses.
Are the ISPs in question members of the  Internet Industry Association?
Though it is worth noting that there is no code of practice to cover
this - the
codes seem to be more related to content.

There is a fuller discussion of the issues at
Internet Governance in Australia: Modelling Self-Regulatory Structures
in the Domain Name System

After resolving the problem in July 2005, in transit in Singapore
Airport last October...I found that www.ramin.com.au was not available.

I haven't followed up on this because I don't know where to start. 
Singapore appears in my latest website
stats and the domain appears fine elsewhere.

It seems that the governance of DNS is a problem... there was some 
discussion about ISP being covered by the TIO but the cost of this was 
thought to be prohibitive. It is worth noting though that my problems 
were with a Telco, which had bought the Telco that had bought the ISP.

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