[LINK] Porn prank sends Microsoft a message on licensing

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sat Dec 9 12:11:21 AEDT 2006

Danny Yee wrote:

> Andy Farkas wrote:
> I've done that before.  I once found some right-wing US forum had
> hot-linked to a photo of three Afghan/Pakistani girls from my 1999
> visit to Pakistan, and were making unprintably obscene comments
> about them.  So I redirected requests for that photo to a photo of
> the Bush family...

The hypocrisy of Microsoft continues unabated. The Flickr site
T&Cs state that a pciture thus linked to must be attributed to
the owner and that a link be posted back to the Flickr site.

Microsoft did neither.


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