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We haven't discussed video conferencing on the internet recently. 
This report may be of interest given the combination of delivery 
networks and speeds.

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>Subject:      Results of the Gigaconference: High Definition Video 
>               Special Event
>On Dec 5, 2006 a special event was held which demonstrated the
>current state of the art in high-definition Industry-standard H.323
>video conferencing.  This technology is to normal video conferencing,
>as high-definition television is to normal television.  The event was
>centered at the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in Chicago.  The
>performance level was 720p at 30 frames/sec.
>Data rates ranged from 1.5 to 4 Mbits/sec.  This was the second
>annual Gigaconference.
>The biggest great news is that the major vendors of high-definition
>video conferencing equipment are now fully INTEROPERABLE!   Codian
>(MCU), LifeSize (endpoint), Polycom (MCU and endpoint) and Tandberg
>(endpoint) all demonstrated interoperability in all combinations of
>endpoints and MCUs.
>This is the first time this has been achieved, and is a milestone
>which shows that the high-definition industry has matured from the
>gee-whiz level to the production level. All the vendors worked hard
>to make this possible, with software changes being made up to an hour
>before the event. All the vendors cooperated with one another
>wonderfully to help with mutual problems and solutions.
>Other firsts achieved include:
>Largest-ever HD video conference. 24 locations and 2 MCUs.  Locations
>included Australia, Finland, Netherlands and all over the United
>States. Thanks to those who stayed up until the wee hours in their
>part of the world!
>First large use of the new Codian HD MCU (which was flown in from
>England just for this event).
>First cascade between the Polycom HD MCU and the Codian HD MCU.
>First large use of the new  Polycom RSS HD recorder in an HD
>conference (which was brought to the conference by Polycom just for
>this event).  We plan to distribute DVD copies of this event.
>Demonstrates  that extra-high speeds are not needed for HD video conferencing.
>1.5 Mbits/sec provides excellent quality. The H.264 video codec does wonders.
>Each of the vendors made a brief presentation locally and then had a
>longer presentation from some remote location where their HD product
>was being used for a real-world application.
>In addition to the vendor presentations, there was a special show of
>high-definition computer art and animation. This was presented by
>Prof. Charles Csuri, who is widely recognized as the Father of
>Computer Art and Digital Animation.  See http://www.csuri.com .
>He is based at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
>(ACCAD),  which is located at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).
>All of the venders, the local audience and the remote audience were
>very pleased and congratulatory about the event.  Megan Troyer of
>Ohio State University ran the technical side of the event behind the
>scenes, and did the advance testing.  A background chat facility was
>provided by Indiana University to coordinate the event in real time.
>Monetary support for the event was received from Polycom ($5000),
>LifeSize ($2500) and Codian ($2500)  to rent the special HD projector
>used for the event.
>Door prizes were provided by Polycom and Tandberg.
>The Internet2 Commons Polycom MCU was upgraded to HD capability just
>for this event, so the Commons can now support HD video conferencing
>events as needed. Thanks to Polycom for this assistance.
>Thanks also to the Internet2 and Northwestern University staffs for
>their special network and equipment support.
>Robert S. Dixon, Ph D, PE
>Chief Research Engineer
>Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARNet)
>Ohio State University, Office of the CIO
>Office Telephone: 614-292-1638
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