[LINK] OzIT: 'Legal database expands to Asia'

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Dec 12 10:20:11 AEDT 2006

YEAH!  One more for the Austlii team!

Awesome work.  I regularly use Austlii and bailii.  Both excellent 
resources.  bailii has some differences to austlii which in some ways make 
it easier, but then austlii has more power functions.  So it's a bit of a 
challenge.  As a coder I can see the issues in both sides.

I've noticed the Crown Solicitors office uses Austlii almost 
exclusively.  You'd think they'd use Butterworths or CCH online!


At 07:14 AM 12/12/2006, Roger Clarke wrote:
>Legal database expands to Asia
>The Australian IT Section
>Karen Dearne
>DECEMBER 12, 2006
>AN Australian vision to provide free public access to law resources over 
>the internet continues to spread with the launch of the Asian Legal 
>Information Institute, a gateway that allows simultaneous searching of 
>more than 100 databases.
>AsianLII, the latest LII to be spun off from the Australasian Legal 
>Information Institute (AustLII), allows users to search national databases

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