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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Dec 12 10:41:32 AEDT 2006

Craig Sanders wrote:
> this was a bit of a shock to me as i was used to melbourne cabbies,
> who all seemed to know pretty much the entire metropolitan area...from
> dandenong all the way over to sunshine. and they had the ability to
> read the map in the street directory (something sydney cabbies seem
> incapable of). of course, that's made a lot easier by the fact that
> melbourne roads are pretty much a grid, rather than a maze of twisty
> little passages all alike. miss your turn-off and it doesn't matter much
> - just take the next one.
It's worse now...

apparently the street signs in Sydney were removed incase of a Japanese 
invasion in World War 2.

The signs all point to destinations which take you via  the toll ways... 
over the weekend I heard a horror story about a North Shore person, who 
accidentally ended up in the cross city tunnel  without an e-tag! 
Amusingly she was told, that the cashless approach was to aid traffic 
flow....which was amusing to say the least.

Yes, we did discussed the Melbourne E-tag system and I have enjoyed long 
conversations on all kinds of issues with a Melbourne Cabbie from the 
Airport to the CBD!


PS Why is there a rusty boat on top of a building in the docklands?
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