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Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Wed Dec 13 12:08:42 AEDT 2006

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 11:25:04AM +1100, Howard Lowndes wrote:
> One more reason for not driving to Sydney, or Melbourne for that matter 
> - I don't own an etag.

i don't have one either.  you don't need one unless you use citylink, which i
don't - partly out of principle (they stole parts of existing freeways and
turned them into a tollway), and partly because i have no need to use

the other main reason i object to the toll roads because of what it has
done to local traffic. i live near bell st in coburg, and the bell st
exit off the tulla/calder freeway is the last exit before tolling. so
bell st and all the local streets leading to it are always chock-full of
toll-avoiding commuters and trucks. before the tolling, they used to be
able to go all the way into (or out of) the city on the freeway.

it was instant, the traffic increased substantially from the first day of
tolling and has got steadily worse ever since. 

and Marghanita wrote:
> >PS Why is there a rusty boat on top of a building in the docklands?

no idea. i've never bothered going to docklands. don't know anyone who
lives there, and i've got enough decent restaurants and cafes near me
(without the inflated prices) to cater for any cuisine whim i might


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