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At 11:07 AM 12/8/2006, Adam Todd wrote:
>... There are adapters in retractable kits for just about every type 
>of USB ...

Available in my "Everything USB" on-line store 
<http://astore.amazon.com/usb-20/>.  ;-)

I did this as a joke, for one of my colleagues who kept bringing in 
bizarre USB gadgets.

On the subject of predictions, my "future history" of information 
technology in Australia in the year 2005, from 1996 did not turn out 
too well <http://www.tomw.net.au/2000/iim2000.html>. But the 
suggestion we would all be using Star Trek style PADDs may be about 
to come true <http://www.tomw.net.au/blog/2006/12/50-pc-project.html>.

Also Colin Steele is giving a talk on such predictions in Canberra 
today (Wednesday):

>13 December 2006 (Wednesday) Time 6.00 PM
>Venue: Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia, Acton Peninsula
>Colin Steele on "The future isn't what it used to be"
>Colin will overview prophecies and predictions from the last two 
>hundred years and examine the accuracy of those forecasts in areas 
>such as technology, politics, economics, and societal change. 
>History is littered with false prophecies and ill-fated predictions 
>but this has not prevented the rise of futurologists and think-tanks 
>on the one hand and fortune tellers, seers, and psychics on the other.
>A concluding segment will cover predictions for the 21st century 
>from some of today's science fiction writers, a group that has been 
>more successful than most in the past in predicting the future ...
>from: Canberra Skeptics, 2006 

ps: Colin Steele is from the future, having the character "Captain 
Colin Steele USN", named after him in  John
Birmingham's Axis of Time Trilogy novels. I was promised an aircraft 
carrier, but missed out. ;-(

More in my blog at 

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