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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Dec 8 11:07:24 AEDT 2006

At 10:15 AM 8/12/2006, Carl Makin wrote:

>On 07/12/2006, at 10:38 AM, Glen Turner wrote:
>>The contribution of computers and networks to electricity demand
>>will be strongly questioned.  Why do I need to run a computer
>>to charge my iPod?
>You don't.  I charge my 4G iPod from both the car and the dock I have
>attached to the loungeroom stereo which has the firewire cable
>plugged into a powerpack.  I only attach my iPod to the computer once
>a month or so to fiddle with playlists or whenever I need it for
>transferring data.  It's never attached long enough to get a full
>The newer USB iPods can all be charged from anything that will supply
>power to a USB port which I think (but haven't checked) would include
>one of those powered USB hubs, even when not attached to a computer.

Don't have an iPod and won't be getting one, but there are Car adapters 
that plug into your cig lighter and give you a 2A USB power source :)

They are really cheap.  If anyone wants one, let me know.  I've bought a few.

I also have USB retractable cables for for the PDA and Mobile phone.  The 
PDA one is also a USB sync cable, so not only does it plug into the car 
adapter and charge the PDA on the road, but when on the USB hub at home it 
syncs with the PC's and Apples :)  And it's only 3 inches long! (Or 2 feet 
if you extend it!)

There are adapters in retractable kits for just about every type of USB and 
firewire.  If anyone wants any drop me a line and I'll quote you.  I find 
these kits so much more easier to carry with the laptop than a dozen 
different cables.

If you need two cables, get two kits and stuff them into one carrier :)

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