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Evan.ARTHUR at Dest.gov.au Evan.ARTHUR at Dest.gov.au
Thu Dec 14 09:01:15 AEDT 2006

I wrote:  <<And while I am at it, the issue of open access to research
publications has nothing much to do with commercialisation.  

Brendan wrote:  <<IMHO "commercialisation" in this context means
anything which puts the material is a position where it can be used by
others in the course of their work or business.  So, it has quite a lot
to do with commercialisation

And he is quite right too.  I was being too shorthand.  My actual point
was contained in the linked speech.  It was, and is, that just because
commercial publishers get paid for publishing scholarly articles via
assignment of copyright this is not commercialisation of research (ie
revenue generation for the originator of the IP via commercial
exploitation of that IP).  It is really a fee for service deal where the
fee is charged after the event via journal subscription charges, as
opposed to up front.  Academics are keenly aware there is no revenue
flow to them from publishers of scholarly journals.

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