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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Fri Dec 15 20:34:00 AEDT 2006


In the midst of an analysis of 'Real-World Passwords' comes:

>We used to quip that "password" is the most common password. Now it's
"password1." Who said users haven't learned anything about security?

Now that's *style*.

(The article concludes "None of this changes the reality that 
passwords have outlived their usefulness as a serious security 
device";  so it needs to be read.  And the next one is about 
person-tracking using RFID (in Nike sneakers) - a topic we've 
discussed a few times on link).

Bruce Schneier is on the Committee, so I'm reminded that I need to 
pass on the announcement of the:

** Call for Papers for Computers, Freedom & Privacy on 1-4 May 2007 **

Autonomy:  Fencing in Freedoms on the Electronic Frontier

The deadline for session proposals is January 20, 2006

It's in Montreal this year, rather than its normal home in the US.

(So if I can afford a trans-atlantic fare I can actually resume my 
interrupted sequence of attendances.  You can't fly trans-pacific to 
eastern Canada on QF/BA/CX any more without landing in the US.  I'm 
starting to develop a John Gilmore complex;  but at least I can still 
fly there via Heathrow).

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