[LINK] E-Tag security?

Neale Banks neale at lowendale.com.au
Mon Dec 18 12:29:33 AEDT 2006

On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:

> Of particular interest is:
> "The e-TAG device itself does not emit a
> signal of its own. Rather, it modifies and reflects the
> signal emitted by the roadside equipment."

Challenge/response, like CHAP?

> This will make the "scanning sniffer" more difficult.
> It also seams to indicate that images are only kept if there is no e-tag.

IIRC, a CityLink person alleged this to me when I enquired about an
accidental tag-less trip: basically that *all* vehicles are photographed
but the images only kept if a valid e-tag signal wasn't detected.

Of course, the obvious question is how quickly the images are discarded.


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