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Ash Nallawalla nospam at crm911.com
Sat Dec 16 11:41:48 AEDT 2006

> From: Jan Whitaker [mailto:jwhit at melbpc.org.au] 

> At 08:10 AM 16/12/2006, Steve Jenkin wrote:

> >I've leant my e-tag and heard nothing...
> >It's not 100% checking.

> But I've heard stories, probably on radio, of people getting 
> nicked for doing that, so maybe it's a random thing.

For 2-3 years at least (perhaps as many as 5) my e-tag was swapped with the
one meant for my wife's car. I used to drive to work and back on the Monash
Freeway/Tollway but as the company reimbursed me, I never checked the
statement in detail.  When I stopped using the Monash daily, the top-up
statements were less frequent and I noticed one day that my car had
allegedly used it when I knew it hadn't.  Checked with my wife (she had used
the tollway) and we realised that the two e-tags had been swapped since day
one.  The cars are different in colour, age and model, yet there was never
any comment from the toll operator. 

The Citylink FAQ has some info:


"Can an e-TAG device be switched from car to car? You can move your e-TAG
device from car to car, if you have provided CityLink with details of each

"Can I use my e-TAG device in a different vehicle?
You can use your e-TAG device in a different vehicle, provided the vehicle
is in the same vehicle classification (car, LCV or HCV), is linked to your
CityLink account and is registered to drive on CityLink. Additional e-TAG
device holders are available from CityLink. For your convenience we
recommend obtaining separate e-TAG devices for all vehicles linked to your

The page is one of the longest FAQs I have seen...


"Infringement notices are issued, to the owners of vehicles that have
travelled on CityLink while unregistered, by Victoria Police in accordance
with the Melbourne City Link Act 1995."

"CityLink's confidentiality agreement with VicRoads allows CityLink to
obtain vehicle owner details for the purpose of issuing a Late Toll invoice.

CityLink forwards to VicRoads the registration numbers of vehicles detected
travelling on CityLink which are not registered to travel on CityLink.
VicRoads provides CityLink with the vehicle owner's name and address
details, and CityLink then issues a Late Toll invoice using this

- Ash

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