[LINK] Passwords, and CFP'07

Russell Ashdown russell at ashdown.net.au
Sun Dec 17 09:21:29 AEDT 2006

grove at zeta.org.au wrote:
>> Actually sysadmins still prefer to use: god (or a variant of case) 
>> god1, iamgod, megod, fred, fredisgod
> I think that is a furphy.  Anyone worthy of calling themselves 
> "sysadmin" would not do this.   Home hobbyist, maybe.  Sysadmin, never.
It IS actually true that many of Australia's leading "service" 
organisations (if not all) use pre-defined "root" passwords or 
pre-defined passwords on well-known (to them) accounts with admin 
privileges to enable their engineers to easily gain "root" access for 
the purpose of servicing the machines.  Some of these tuples are 
unsophisticated in the extreme and have remained in place unchanged for 
years.  Anyone who has been a "sysadmin" would most likely know of these 
accounts and would also be aware of the passwords associated with them.

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