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> > 
> <http://www.itnews.com.au/newsstory.aspx?CIaNID=43614&eid=1&edate=2006
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> > 


> > 
> > While it's true that losing people who aren't paying for 
> the software 
> > is arguably a good thing for Microsoft, it's certain to cause an 
> > uptick over time in Linux's market share. "We don't think this is a 
> > pure win for Microsoft," IDC analyst Al Gillen said. "This 
> is going to 
> > accelerate the Linux market as well."
> "Heavy-handed"!! Refusing to provide additional services to 
> illegitimate users? What have these guys been smoking? And 
> why should the illegitimate users care if they get updates? 
> And why won't they just pirate them anyway?
> I'm no fan of MS, but this is silly.

Well, it's heavy handed because they've never done it before, even
though it's common for a lot of software. I don't think IDC used that
term, I think it was the reporter. Besides, we're still only talking
about stuff like IE7 and Defender; security patches are unaffected (for

Many power users repackage their XP now using products like nLite
http://www.nliteos.com/nlite.html, the new WGA might mess this up, so a
lot of power users will get annoyed, and if they move to Linux their
employees/parents/children will move with them since they have to do the
support for these people already.

I agree that the conclusion that more people will run linux instead is
somewhat obvious.  Microsoft is just catching up with a great deal of
other commercial software; about time too, people I help out always seem
to think that I'm able and willing to provide them with windows for
free, maybe they'll stop asking one day.

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