[LINK] ebay and ticket scalping result

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Dec 19 10:15:08 AEDT 2006

At 02:13 PM 18/12/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:

>>as anyone ever analysed scalping in any detail (and whether it is overall 
>>good or bad for punters)?  Surely if the scalpers buy up too many tickets 
>>they may find that they've overpriced them and will need to sell at a loss?
>Given that scalpers will only buy tickets for big demand functions then I 
>don't think there is much risk of them losing out.  What I want to know is 
>how do they get their hands on bulk tickets?  I know, as someone who has 
>occasionally gone on line to buy from Ticketmaster, that you often can't 
>get tickets even minutes after the sale has opened, so I guess these bulk 
>tickets must be being pre-sold.

They pay people to line up and buy max quantity of tickets.

There are also pre-sales preference lists that enable people to buy tickets 
7 days before they go on sale.

What you didn't know about those?  E-mail delivery, sent in batches with 
max ticket numbers to groups of people from 7 days in advance until the 
opening sale.  After that, it's every man for himself.

Ahh the joys of a false economic industry and marketing!

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