[LINK] ebay and ticket scalping result

Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 19 10:47:34 AEDT 2006

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> Ebay won. It's just now on the ABC news.

I've never understood the free-marketeer's fury over scalping.  It seems to
me to be simply a small-time expression of their most fundamental philosophy
-- but by people with the time to stand inline outside a ticket office.

I suspect that it's the 'lay-about' aspect that they really disapprove of.
This is a form of basic free-enterprise capitalism used by people without a
steady job.

When when the same thing is done with Testra privatisation shares, it is
called 'stag market selling', and the investors and share-brokers all

When it is done by businessmen on a regular basis it is called arbitrage.

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