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> From the writers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
>Most people go through life unheralded, without laurels or 
>recognition of any kind. The only reason for such an injustice is 
>that most people are fairly unremarkable, maybe even undeserving of 
>attention and most forms of love.
>But all that changed when Time magazine announced its person of the 
>year 2006 is "You." As in you, or everyone, like the woman sitting 
>to your left and even the guy on your right who might be rubbing up 
>against you.
>Time's editor Rick Stengel explained how "You" won, telling CNN, 
>"Time's person of the year for 2006 is you, the consumers and 
>creators of user generated content who are transforming the 
>information age. From You Tube to My Space, individuals all across 
>the planet were changing the way we do business, changing the way we 
>perceive each other, changing the way we perceive the war... They 
>were a vessel to all the most important stories of the year." He 
>added, "And let's not forget that band on the treadmills or the 
>breakdancing Indian kid. They're part of this too."

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