[LINK] Ionizers for schools, offices, malls etc compulsory in future?

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Dec 30 23:56:12 AEDT 2006

At 01:09 PM 30/12/2006, Stewart Fist wrote:
>Stephen Loosley wrote:
> > Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections
>Interestingly, the most logical mechanism for the statistically-robust claim
>that people living near high-tension powerlines have increased health
>problems has been precisely the reverse.
>The claim was that ionisation of the air around the high-tension cables may
>make local bacteria/viruses 'sticky' and therefore take more of a hold in
>the lungs of residents.

This is what ionizing does.  It makes the bacteria in the air sticky and 
charged so that the bodies are drawn to objects such as plastics, glass and 

The objective is that you run the ionizor for a few hours then clean the 
surfaces.  Instant clean room.

So in the case of a hospital it probably does work perfectly, provided that 
during the ionization period you don't touch a surface and stick your 
fingers in your mouth!

Little children pick up most 24 hour type bugs from hand or mouth contact 
with playgrounds in shopping centres where the kid who threw up yesterday 
gets a rudimentary "mopping over"

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