[LINK] Ionizers for schools, offices, malls etc compulsory in future?

Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Sun Dec 31 15:30:03 AEDT 2006

Adam writes re beenfits of ionizers:

> So in the case of a hospital it probably does work perfectly, provided that
> during the ionization period you don't touch a surface and stick your
> fingers in your mouth!

You forgot to mention "breathe"

I would have thought that making bacteria sticky, then breathing them in, is
the last thing you'd want in a hospital ... or work, or home environment.

Also, ionisation is obviously most active when the air is dry, but we
generally associate sickness from airborne diseases with moist humid air,
not dry air.

As the archaeologists always say, you've got to look at the assemblage of
facts, not at isolated instances.

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