[LINK] electromagnetic fields effect brain activity

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sun Dec 31 11:57:51 AEDT 2006

At 02:24 AM 31/12/2006, Stephen Loosley wrote:
>At 01:05 PM 30/12/2006, Stewart writes:
>Fair enough, and from another direction, the mind rather than the mobile,
>all such evidence of human extra-sensory 'interaction' presents excellent
>new human-brain adventures, (12Hz pulse-rates?) to know how, and why.

The Global Consciousness Project leans into this area :)

>It's possible that a scrambled EEG is the brain trying to read the signals.


>As for mobiles I don't mind, a $10 ear/mike should solve most problems.

But what does it do to the kidney and liver?

>But, scientifically, I wonder if extra-sensory interaction cay be perception
>can be communication? It all seems too important for fences, Stewart :-)

I have belief and experience in Extra-sensory perception.  I also have 
records of ES reception of emotions and connections to other persons.  My 
wife is like an antenna and receiver tuned into one person.  We've been 
going back over a few years of diaries and cross referencing that to 
information we've been receiving about other things and finding perfect 
matches over and over and over.  It's no coincidence.

During my stay in the mental hospital, the isolating and desaturated 
environment left me with one thing to toil with - my brain.  Meditation is 
a key to opening yourself to a wider reception of information.

Being isolated I was able to connect to input from external to the 
building.  I was able to document before things happened around me, what 
the people who were going to take those actions were thinking and the 
resulting decisions.  Tis all recorded on video time stamped diaries, no 
cheating on this experiment.   My wife and I were able to communicate 
undetailed concepts even though we were considerable distance apart.  She'd 
write in her diary "I don't know why I am doing this but I have an urge to 
do ...."   those urges were the things I was focused on having done.

I also had a really amazing experience in high school.   A friend of mine 
and I were into playing with ESP and other like concepts.

One day, whilst he was in school in Wahroongah, and I was in a test in 
Chatswood, something weird happened.

I always read through the entire test before I start answering 
questions.  (Then same when I fill in forms.)  So I did that.

Then I started working on the problems.  It was a math test.  I'm pretty 
good at math.

Now instead of working the answers as a student usually does, I seemed to 
be getting the answers and just writing them in.  I finished the test 25 
minute early.

That weekend, I was pretty proud of my 100% score and took the test to my 
friends place to show him.

He took out an exercise book and in the back pagers was every question and 
every answer he'd worked out at the same time on the same day I took the test.

It's not possible he could have obtained the test, which was made up by my 

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