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Stewart Fist stewart_fist at optusnet.com.au
Sun Dec 31 15:45:39 AEDT 2006

Stephen comments on 11 and 12Hz claims on cellphone pulsation.

Most of that discussion was to do with Tetra, from memory.  I hink two or
three scientists (from memory, Ross Adey and ?? Blackman) found some effects
at these low frequencies, and thought they might be important -- but nothing
was ever convincingly established.

On the other question

> But, scientifically, I wonder if extra-sensory interaction cay be perception
> can be communication?

I'll start worrying about ESP the first day I ever get the slightest
evidence (or even 'inkling') that it exists.  I've watched the claims for 60
years, and never seen anything stand up to even a modicum of scientific
examination or evaluation.

>  It all seems too important for fences, Stewart :-)

For me, it all seems too important not to sit on the fence for as long as is
needed, and to evaluate the evidence scientifically and systematically
before coming to firm conclusions.

My working hypothesis at present is that we don't know whether there are any
dangers long-term from cellphone handsets.  But with the towers, I'd say the
likelihood of heath problems is dubious/unlikely except in some exceptional

For handsets, the science is too erratic, too bad, and many of the
scientists are too stupid and narrow-minded.  And some of them are

In the circumstances, the fence looks pretty good to me.

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