[LINK] VANguard another Australian Government smart card project?

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Mon Jul 10 10:03:07 AEST 2006

At 11:31 AM 9/07/2006, Tom Worthington wrote:
>"VANguard is a whole of government initiative that will provide electronic 
>validation, authentication and notary services through a single entry 
>point. ...
> From 
> <http://www.dist.gov.au/content/itrinternet/cmscontent.cfm?objectid=22431585-AA80-6EF5-DD1940B4A1497F21&searchID=142552>.
>The selection document gives more detail:
>"The VANguard Branch is responsible for managing the development and 
>maintenance of whole of government online validation, authentication and 
>notary solutions. The VANguard brokerage service will provide Federal, 
>State and Local government agencies with an accredited, dedicated and 
>consistent infrastructure to meet online audit, evidence and archive 
>requirements, while allowing each agency to retain ownership of their own 
>information and transactions."

Is it possible that this is another component of the ID card processes? 
Could it be related to the Document Verification Project as well? Sounds 
like a procedural step that would be required in both to assert that the 
identity is valid.


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