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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Jul 12 13:18:54 AEST 2006

At 05:30 PM 11/07/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>I have mixed thoughts on the calendar.
>One thought says that it is exploitation of women, another says that some 
>of them are very attractive, and must have brains too...


What is it with people?  I reckon it goes like this:

Baby Boomers (not all but many) aren't happy because they are old and 
wrinkled.  So they can't stand to see Gen X and younger getting all hot and 
flustered over thoughts, images and ideas.

So when Big Brother broadcasts some horny young chickens doing what horny 
young chickens do, it's "Uncivilized and Crass"  yet I'll bet once upon a 
time those same old fuddie duddies who are the loudest whingers, and 
apparently the only whingers and apparently can't help but WATCH Big 
Brother so they have something to complain about, did the SAME things those 
young chickens did themselves, and if they didn't - well they only have 
themselves to blame.

It's funny to think that the Human Species is one of the few (and I mean 2 
or 3) on the planet where the Male is not the Sexiest and most Attractive 
in it's species (although many a women will debate this, but I'm male, so 
let me have my moment!)

In Bird and Fish species, the Male is the more colourful and 
vibrant.  Spiders it seems, are the other way around, but then many female 
spiders eat their male mates after sex,  and I'm really not into being 
devoured, or there'd only be one of my legacy :)

Here we have women, being women, and being proud not only of what they can 
do, and boy I tell you, women in IT with the ability to take up a position 
of real coding and hardware design, or systems integration and deployment 
should be damn proud of clobbering their male counterparts, but they are 
also proud of their bodies - no matter what shape or form it's in.

I hope the calendar is "all natural" and not Photoshoped to the hilt to 
make the women "look more appealing."

I have no problem with real women showing their true bodies, in part or 
full.  (But then I'm a photographer and cinematographer and I like a 
natural subject not one that gets redone in a computer later.)

Anyone who is whinging about the nakedness of these women who had not only 
the courage to break the Male Dominated IT industry, but the courage to 
bear a bit of flesh proudly, well the whingers should go and crawl back 
under the rock from whence they came, because they haven't put up anything 

Constructive Critisims is a positive outcome of any argument or 
debate.  But complaining that some chick, or bull, is showing too much 
skin.  Please!

Have these whinging wrinkled oldies not seen a naked body before?  Have 
they not had sex?  I just wonder how many of these regular whingers have 
ever had sex with the lights on and no sheets over their partner or self.

And they say when you hit 55 you start to live life ... sounds like too 
many are dying and want the rest to die with them.

BTW, although these are my thoughts, this is an interpretation of what, 
strangely, my wife said last night.

Spawned from the fact that so many people think my father has a thing 
against me because unlike him, I still have a great relationship with my 
wife after 12 years - celebrating that today!

To think that TODAY 12 years ago, my wife and I met in an IRC CHAT ROOM she 
was online under the nick "HARRY" and I was online under the nick "EL"

Hey Wife!  Happy Anniversary!

>My inclination is that it will not attract a higher ratio of intake of 
>women into IT, as many who might consider IT might think that they are not 
>attractive enough -

Yes true.  But then those women who really aren't attractive will find 
themselves in places like the Department of Community Services :)  (ducks)

>let's face it, many women grossly underrate their physical appearance.

Course they do, because there is so much artificial visual stimuli 
around.  I hate it, (that professional thing again) and I really enjoy 
working with women who just want to be themselves.

I do a bit of confidence photography for people, mostly women, and it's 
amazing how they go from not being able to get nude to suddenly being very 
impressed by their bodies and looks, simply because decent photos are taken 
showing their inner self, not just the shell.

If some of these women have problems with their looks, just imagine how 
Stephen Hawkings or Christopher Reeves could have felt if they so 
chose.  (Sorry can't think of any women who have turned that kind of 
tragedy into a positive, probably because they aren't promoted because they 
aren't "attractive enough" but I'm really sure they all still have awesome 
brains just begging to be noticed, heard and understood.)

You know, this angers me so much I might even do a documentary on the 
issues of perceived beauty and true brains - in women.

>I think it might tend to attract more males in fact, simply because of the 
>"Cooooor..." factor.

ROFL!  Yeah but those blokes had better realise one thing - they'll be 
working for the "Cooooor" as male slaves :)

ACS drops goddess dates
>>THE Australian Computer Society has been accused of "weasling out" of
>>sponsoring a controversial calendar promoting women in IT after adverse
>>publicity over a near-nude cover shot.

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