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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Jul 12 04:52:19 AEST 2006

Big running story right now on "Gas" in the USA.

They pay $2.99 a gallon (roughly 80 cents per litre) and say that people 
although are now buying smaller and hybrid vehicles won't hit that price 
barrier until $4 a gallon.

The average Take on 2001 when King Bush II said "America is Addicted to 
oil" and then something about America importing huge amounts of oil from 
"unstable regions of the world" has come to grief.

You see, apparently, the oil consumption in the USA is the same as in 2001, 
and the price has increased.

Apparently it's now $66 to fill a tank, whereas it use to be $32.  And they 
showed what you could buy in groceries if you weren't putting it in your tank.

Apparently also Ethanol is being added in larger amount to fuel which is 
also pushing up fuel prices because ethanol is now going up in price due to 

Well I guess if you are making more, and selling more, and you have a 
product in demand, why not up the price huh!

So much for "Sugar Industry saved by Ethanol Sales"

We'll need a variation to that "Fuel industry saved by Sugar Sales"

Don't forget Prince Howard imposed a Sugar Tax a year or two ago, 2 cents 
or something per kilogram, it's suppose to be for the short term, but we 
all know it will be there as long as the 1980's 3 cents per litre for 3 
years fuel tax has been on.

Now when it came into force I was about 15 years old.  So I'm either just 
turning 18, or I've lived the longest damn 3 years in universal history!

Unless of course they were meaning Pluto years.  I'm nit sure.

Ahhh, it's good to see the world is the same everywhere and everything Vic 
sprouts is, well, less than anything that resembles the reality of the world.

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