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Italians jail Defence site hackers

Desmond O'Grady, Rome
July 12, 2006

AN ITALIAN court has sentenced a group of hackers who penetrated the 
Australian Department of Defence's website and about 700 others, including 
the Pentagon's and NASA's.

The Italian hackers penetrated the Defence Department's website on March 9, 

Italian police specialising in cyber crime identified the group responsible 
four years ago, but their trial ended only last week.

Italian police claim it is the first time in the world that a group of 
hackers, rather than individuals, has been nabbed.

They informed the embassies of the countries concerned during their 

They received collaboration from the US but had no response from Australia, 
they said. "There must have been a link missing somewhere," a senior fiscal 
police official said.
[gee, that gives me confidence in any new centralised database]

The Australian websites targeted included home pages of federal, state and 
local government agencies.

The group included four young adults and two minors. They had no criminal 
records and admitted their crimes.

The adults each received a 17-month jail sentence from a court in Ravenna. 
The minors' trial in Bologna has not yet concluded.

Colonel Umberto Rapetto, commander of the crime unit, said two of the 
hackers knew each other personally but met their accomplices through 
internet. They began their activities for mischief but could have been used 
for spying or crime, he said.

Other Australian targets included the Queensland Parliament website and 
Gold Coast theme parks. Another state target was the website of EcoRecycle 
Victoria, a State Government agency for environmental sustainability, which 
has since become Sustainability Victoria.

The offenders also hacked into three shire councils in three states — 
Cardinia in Victoria, Coffs Harbour in NSW and Dalrymple in Queensland.

A spokesman for the Australian Federal Police said they did not receive a 
referral regarding the matter and because of this "it is inappropriate to 
comment further".


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