[LINK] Italian hackers convicted of access to Australian and US computers in 2001

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Thu Jul 13 08:41:01 AEST 2006

At 04:23 PM 12/07/2006, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>Italians jail Defence site hackers
>They informed the embassies of the countries concerned during their 
>They received collaboration from the US but had no response from 
>Australia, they said. "There must have been a link missing somewhere," a 
>senior fiscal police official said.
>[gee, that gives me confidence in any new centralised database]

That gives me confidence on a lot of things!  But then the "link" is all 
too often missing because no one wants to accept accountability in case 
something might happen on an off chance to go wrong.

>The Australian websites targeted included home pages of federal, state and 
>local government agencies.

Well what's so bad about that?  Most of the web sites are hacks anyway!

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