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> The problem appears to be the lack of commercial apps
> driving Grid-computing development. We need Grids :-)


July 13, 2006

A Broader Scope Needed for Grid Standards Bodies

There is a great article in a recent GRIDtoday from Ian Lumb detailing 
the Open Grid Forum's necessity but questioning its sufficiency. At a 
high level, Ian's point is that standards are all fine and well and 
indeed necessary, but the real crux of the problem is being able to show 
genuine mass-market adoption of Grid technology ...

There is still today a lack of the enterprise proof points and third 
party validation that is needed to show that there is substance to the 
promise of grid computing. Organizations like OGF will help, but there 
needs to be and increased concentration on organizational support, 
enterprise case studies and direct application of the technology to name 
a few.

> http://gridcafe.web.cern.ch/gridcafe/GridatCERN/gridatcern.html
> "CERN has a reputation for being at the forefront of networking 
> technology and 'where the Web was born' is the lab's motto.  
> When it comes to Grid technology, this is particularly true: CERN is 
> leading some of the most ambitious Grid projects in the world ..
> http://gridcafe.web.cern.ch/gridcafe/gridprojects/athome.html
> Cheers all :-)
> Stephen Loosley

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