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Mon Jul 17 02:30:15 AEST 2006

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> .. driving Grid-computing development. We need Grids :-)

Seems to me that canny State and Federal governments could
make stunning contributions to world science, very cheaply,
and also enrich we citizens with multiple benefits.

Normally, the default state of Australia's IT and networking
resources is "off", with lots of government and private CPUs
in 16/24 screensaver-mode .. fibres dark and copper unwanted.

With billions invested in .au IT and networking resources imho
the default setting should be "on" .. with lots of Aussie CPUs
and networks earning their keep 24/24 ... machines can do that.

Thus .. appropriate Aussie government-sponsored Grid computing
software to download for government computers, and any volunteer
local company and private citizen with ICT resources. 

With safe and secure software to donate computer and network time
imho most government departments, and, many private companies and
normal Aussies would willingly want their ICT running on projects.

Our new Victorian Cyclotron results crunched by 10,000 local CPUs
would be a formidable contribution to world science, and Victoria.

Perhaps some Aussie State & Federal Grid-crunch-time could be sold
and donators receive tax-deductions, or energy and network rebates.

A simple, safe, appropriate way to maximize ICT resources and help.

Eg: <http://gridcafe.web.cern.ch/gridcafe/gridprojects/athome.html>

Regards all ..
Stephen Loosley

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