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Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jul 17 16:37:56 AEST 2006

I had problems with the first variant ...

Specifically the boot process on Windows XP hung or blew out to up to 
10 minutes when my XP boxen wasn't connected to the net. I suspect MS 
may have made the 'call home; module a tad more aggressive than it 
needed to be. (I don't leave any Windows box connected to the Net by 
default ... my Mac and LINUX boxes no problem - but not my Windows 

The second variant (issued about a month back from memory) has had no 
such issues.

I think WGA is likely to irritate many who bought their boxes with 
Windows pre-installed from small PC shops that may have used (gasp, 
horror!) pirated copies to increase their margins. That said, a Dell 
laptop or Compaq shouldn't fall under that ambit ... which should 
have set off alarm bells at the MS (inappropriately named) Help Desk 
and meant that the complaint/enquiry deserved a lot better response 
than the one you mentioned.

If it was me, I'd emphasise standard new Dell or COMPAQ box, specify 
the invoic enumber from Dell of MS that included the XP install on 
it, and tell the MS functionary the next step is the Office of Fair 
Trading unless he/she can resolve the problem or can point you at 
someone in MS who can resolve the problem.


At 1:59 PM +1000 on 17/7/06 you wrote:
>You may be aware of the problems that Microsoft's WGA is causing to 
>users with false accusations of using illegal software.
>I have a client with that problem on an almost brand new Dell 
>laptop, and I know that an associate is having similar problems with 
>Has anyone had any successful outcomes with M$ other than the 
>standard "You'll need to buy a genuine licence", or has anyone taken 
>the matter up with their consumer affairs offices if that was the 
>response from M$.
>It strikes me that if M$ are following that line then it is a 
>practice that falls foul of the TPA.
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