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Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
Mon Jul 17 17:03:35 AEST 2006

who cares whether it works "properly"? ... it's spyware, and should be 

here's how:


Frank O'Connor wrote:
> I had problems with the first variant ...
> Specifically the boot process on Windows XP hung or blew out to up to 
> 10 minutes when my XP boxen wasn't connected to the net. I suspect MS 
> may have made the 'call home; module a tad more aggressive than it 
> needed to be. (I don't leave any Windows box connected to the Net by 
> default ... my Mac and LINUX boxes no problem - but not my Windows box.)
> The second variant (issued about a month back from memory) has had no 
> such issues.
> I think WGA is likely to irritate many who bought their boxes with 
> Windows pre-installed from small PC shops that may have used (gasp, 
> horror!) pirated copies to increase their margins. That said, a Dell 
> laptop or Compaq shouldn't fall under that ambit ... which should have 
> set off alarm bells at the MS (inappropriately named) Help Desk and 
> meant that the complaint/enquiry deserved a lot better response than 
> the one you mentioned.
> If it was me, I'd emphasise standard new Dell or COMPAQ box, specify 
> the invoic enumber from Dell of MS that included the XP install on it, 
> and tell the MS functionary the next step is the Office of Fair 
> Trading unless he/she can resolve the problem or can point you at 
> someone in MS who can resolve the problem.
>                     Regards,
> At 1:59 PM +1000 on 17/7/06 you wrote:
>> You may be aware of the problems that Microsoft's WGA is causing to 
>> users with false accusations of using illegal software.
>> I have a client with that problem on an almost brand new Dell laptop, 
>> and I know that an associate is having similar problems with Compaqs.
>> Has anyone had any successful outcomes with M$ other than the 
>> standard "You'll need to buy a genuine licence", or has anyone taken 
>> the matter up with their consumer affairs offices if that was the 
>> response from M$.
>> It strikes me that if M$ are following that line then it is a 
>> practice that falls foul of the TPA.
>> Discuss...

Eleanor Ashley Lister
South Sydney Greens
secretary at ssg.nsw.greens.org.au

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