[LINK] Smart card credit cards

Ash Nallawalla nospam at crm911.com
Tue Jul 18 21:25:41 AEST 2006

> At 08:20 AM 17/07/2006, Howard Lowndes wrote:
> >The thing is - it is a smart card.  I can read the mag  stripe if I can 
> >get access to a stripe reader and know what's on it, but how can I read 
> >the smart chip?

3-4 years ago when I got my ANZ Gold Visa they sent a free smart card
reader.  It came with a mini CD-ROM with some software but as my PC had a
slot for full-sized CD instead of a tray, I couldn't use it.  They must have
known that I never used it, so they tried to speak with me but we never
connected.  Perhaps they might still be offering these devices.  I vaguely
recall there was a way to load the cards with cash so they must also have
the ability to write to the smart chip.


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