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You are all invited.  Please bring your friends.

The development phase of the APSR SUGAR project is now well 
underway.  Next week, David Berriman will give us a demonstration of 
the work he has done for the project.

What:  Developing a presentation framework for SUGAR

When:  Thursday, July 27, 2.30pm

Where: Graneek Room, Top floor, JB Chifley Building (15), Australian 
National University (see http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaymap.asp?grid=ef32)

And what is SUGAR?  SUGAR stands for Sustainability Guidelines for 
Digital Repositories.

The SUGAR project is designed to help bring together relevant, 
annotated material and present it in a variety of ways that are more 
assessable and understandable to the digital repository novice.  The 
idea is to construct a flexible framework to allow for a fresh 
approach to the presentation of diffuse information.  Initially, 
SUGAR will attempt to compile information pertaining to a narrow band 
of digital information (i.e. images and/or sound), but over time this 
framework will be expanded and adapted to encompass a wider range of 
subject matter.  It can also potentially be used for other APSR 
projects such as Sustainability and Risk Analysis (SARA) as well as 
by other APSR partners.

Although there is a lot of discussion and documentation, worldwide, 
on the issues surrounding the sustainability of digital material, 
most of it is occurring within communities that understand the 
underlining premises and have knowledge of and/or access to large 
institutional repositories.  However, as more and more information is 
captured and stored digitally, there is a growing interest and need 
within the broader community to understand the issues and problems 
associated with digital repositories, and to seek solutions to their 
own personal projects.

A variety of presentation approaches is required to allow choice and 
flexibility in the browsing and retrieving of the mountains of 
available information.  Where some people might feel comfortable 
doing a free search of the information, others may prefer answering a 
series of questions to narrow down the scope or empathising with 
scenarios that describe real-life situations.


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