[LINK] Guidelines for Digital Repositories, Canberra, 27 July

Gordon Keith gordonkeith at acslink.net.au
Fri Jul 21 10:11:21 AEST 2006

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 14:49, Tom Worthington wrote:
> Although there is a lot of discussion and documentation, worldwide,
> on the issues surrounding the sustainability of digital material,

Related to this topic, does anyone know if any guidelines exist in terms of 
codecs suitable for archival of video data?

I'm aware of the use of ODF formats in preference to proprietary formats for 
the archival of word processing documents. And I know a lot of video codecs 
are encumbered by patents and possibly unpublished formats.

Are there any video codecs suitable for archival of video data?
Are there any guidelines I can refer to?


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