[LINK] Electric vehicles and generation

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Sun Jul 23 14:32:53 AEST 2006

> You may have missed a critical variable:  safe. You can have a very 
> lightweight car if you are willing to forgo the structural elements that 
> keep them from flying apart of crushing the occupants in a high speed crash.

Lightness does not mean danger; rather the reverse. a light vehicle does
less damage when it hits something - to the surroundings AND to the
occupants. Light materials are LESS likely to fly apart, as they contain
less energy to be dissipated. Some extremely light materials have
excellent crushing-type energy-absorbtion properties. Electrical/hybrids
will tend to be slower than the current crop of "I can do 220 even
though there is no where in the country I am allowed to go more than
half that fast" brutes, and less speed means less danger and less damage
on impact.

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