GPLv3 - Update was: Re: [LINK] the slow motion gpl trainwreck

Deus Ex Machina vicc at
Tue Jul 25 15:54:06 AEST 2006

Brendan Scott [brendansweb at] wrote:
> Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> >
> >
> >"The revision will be designed to make GPLv3 incompatible with DRM, to
> >discourage patenting, to extend the viral application of the GPL as it
> >applies to programs that interact with GPL'ed code, and to allow
> >individual programmers to require sharing of code added on to GPLed
> >programs by ASPs (e.g., Google). "
> the title when I looked at it was "GPLv3 - Update"
> He also says:
> I do not see how the commercial part of the open source community can live 
> with these changes, given the extraordinary importance of the GPL, 
> especially to Linux. The hostility to DRM will be anathema to the content 
> creators, and the ASPs should react badly to any risk of being required to 
> reveal their crown jewel secrets.
> But I suspect that he doesn't understand how the commercial part of the 
> open source community can live with GPL v2. However, they seem to - in 
> spades. 

not really, php dumped gpl in favour of a more liberal licence. people
that live with it are not in the software market are they. its hardware
manufacturers or consulting firms that live with it.

>I suggest the answer lies in the fact that the GPL promotes a 
> customer's property in the software (and content) they buy, and in the end, 
> it is all about money, the customer's money.  A free software market will 
> trump a monopoly software market.  It is only a question of time.  

while I dont like gpl at all, gpl v2 doesnt have any issues with ASP.

if programs start comming out with the gpl anti-ASP virus then commercial
entities doing ASP will avoid these program. gpl is not a free licence
its heavily biased licence for producing software of limited commercial
value. very few bits of software can generate the sort of support needed
to replace the software cost. I cant think of a single domestic market
that can. an example of one that cant is the game market, from that article I
posted which was poo-pooed because it wasnt written by a communist.

the fact is its been a long time already, I think you will be saying the
same thing in 10 years time.

the desktop score is windows 9, bsd 1, linux 0. so much for gpl.

and that is because people need to put food on the table.


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