GPLv3 - Update was: Re: [LINK] the slow motion gpl trainwreck

Brendan Scott brendansweb at
Wed Jul 26 09:32:05 AEST 2006

Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> Brendan Scott [brendansweb at] wrote:
>>Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> while I dont like gpl at all, gpl v2 doesnt have any issues with ASP.
> if programs start comming out with the gpl anti-ASP virus then commercial
> entities doing ASP will avoid these program. gpl is not a free licence
> its heavily biased licence for producing software of limited commercial
> value. very few bits of software can generate the sort of support needed
> to replace the software cost. I cant think of a single domestic market

Well, you know, that doesn't surprise me. 

> that can. an example of one that cant is the game market, from that article I
> posted which was poo-pooed because it wasnt written by a communist.

This gaming market stuff baffles me.  There are plenty of great open source games (Quake 3 for example).  The articles on open source games are like "well fact X blows our agenda out of the water so we'll concoct reason a for excluding it" - like the contrived - open source games are not "original" - and like all of the FPS out there are not variations on Wolfenstein?  All the RTS/god sims are not variations on Populous?   Give me a break.  (id software by the way, have been very active in using shareware and open source as distribution/marketing channels from the first release of Doom)

Then, as Danny I think noted, they go from "open source doesn't produce good games" to "governments shouldn't back open source".  Seems like a rather long bow to draw - Gee Vic, are you sure they didn't have an agenda? 

> the fact is its been a long time already, I think you will be saying the
> same thing in 10 years time.
> the desktop score is windows 9, bsd 1, linux 0. so much for gpl.
> and that is because people need to put food on the table.

No that was the score 5 years ago.

Nowadays the growth is:  windows -0.4, linux +0.4 BSD 0.0.

While I see Novell announcing desktop installations in government these days, I don't see too much from Apple. 


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