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Frank O'Connor foconnor at
Thu Jul 27 15:05:26 AEST 2006

The usual Vic response ... how could I have been so naive as to think 
that perhaps he'd changed?

Same tired old arguments, same tired old opinions, same tired old 
biases ... and then the reversion to insult.

I was quite impressed with your behaviour for about three posts, 
Midget Mind ... but as usual you revert to type.

Hey, if you're gonna insult someone you could at least be original 
and creative, use SOMETHING (ANYTHING!) other than your tiresome 
'lefties', 'communist', or other appellations? Your insults are as 
monotonous, irksome and mind-numbing as your incessant and tedious 
views on the limited number of topics that your single neuroned brain 
is capable of sustaining.

You're always talking about your inferiors, Vic - but nobody has ever 
been able to find them.

Now whilst it's always interesting to see on what you bias your ever 
so meager number of opinions, we're all tired of you setting yourself 
up as goalie for the dart team. I mean ... you're not even a moving 
target, Vic! (Indeed, it could be argued that you don't have the 
intelligence to move.)

Face the facts, Old Son:

You have all the brains God gave a duck's arse.
You have an IQ one point lower than it takes to grunt - you are 
language challenged.
If intelligence were taxed - you'd get a rebate.
You are living proof that nature does NOT abhor a vacuum.
You suffer from Clue Deficit Disorder.
The wheel may be spinning, but the hamster is dead.
There's a whole lotta chopping happening, but no chips are flying.

You're about as much use as a nuclear powered computer controlled 
intercontinental ballistic duck, Vic ... You add nothing to the value 
of a debate. mail list or discussion.

The mere idea that you have kids is horrifying ... I can only hope 
that Darwin was wrong (and that genetics proves to be a 
flash-in-the-pan theory). Mortgages ... well, I also hope yours is a 
huge one Vic ... maybe it will take your mind off the limited subset 
of ideas that seem to obsess you and annoy us so much.

In the meantime ... put a sock in it for a while, hey? Nobody enjoys 
seeing the weak and defenceless suffering as you are.


At 1:25 PM +1000 on 27/7/06 you wrote:
>craig it may come as news to you, but some of us have mortgages and
>kids to support. your communists views are irrelevant but thanks for
>Craig Sanders [cas at] wrote:
>>  On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 11:31:06AM +1000, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>>  > I am not sure how any of your response addresses the point that on a
>>  > commercial basis, giving away software to drive other sales works in a
>>  > domestic market.
>>  >
>>  > given the constant bleeting about the revenue forgone in giving away
>>  > software can be made up by support, I dont see a single example of
>>  > that in the gaming market or any other domestic software market for
>>  > that matter.
>>  >
>>  > perhaps you can give us some example of commercially sucessful
>>  > projects that make up lost revenue from giving away software, with
>>  > support or some other service in a domestic context?
>>  take off your blinkers Vic - going after a commercial market is NOT the
>>  only reason why people write and give away free software. it's not even
>>  one of the more important reasons, it's way down low on the list of
>>  motivations.
>>  this may seem like blasphemy to someone of your mammon-worshipping
>>  religion, but not everything can be reduced to a market.
>>  the fact is that financial success is *IRRELEVANT* to the success
>>  of free software. people will write it, distribute it, and use it
>>  regardless of whether someone makes money from it or not.
>>  that is why, in the long run, commercial software can not compete with
>>  free software. free software will evolve to meet the needs of the
>>  users and authors without regard to financial considerations, while
>>  commercial software will not and can not - in some cases, the financial
>>  considerations are in direct opposition to the users' needs (e.g.
>  > marketing deals and partnerships between the software developers and
>>  other companies and/or other depts within the same company resulting in
>>  the prevention or obstruction of inter-operation with rival products).
>>  if there's any constant bleating being done, it's you and your obsession
>>  with markets.
>>  craig
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