GPLv3 - Update was: Re: [LINK] the slow motion gpl trainwreck

Brendan Scott brendansweb at
Fri Jul 28 09:57:32 AEST 2006

Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> I am not sure how any of your response addresses the point that on a commercial basis,
> giving away software to drive other sales works in a domestic market.
> given the constant bleeting about the revenue forgone in giving away software can be made 
> up by support, I dont see a single example of that in the gaming market
> or any other domestic software market for that matter.

Ideology not only causes inconvenient fact blindness it also causes irrelevant fact obsession.  Most of the anti-FOSS stories are pure ideology.  They would be funny - if it wasn't for the harmful effects on investment and innovation they have. 

> perhaps you can give us some example of commercially sucessful projects
> that make up lost revenue from giving away software, with support or some other service
> in a domestic context?

1. What does "in a domestic context" mean?

2. You're the one who says the only way to do it is by selling "support or some other service". I don't make that claim.  In fact, I think the claim is not only false, the "command-economies-are-a-great-thing-viva-le-Stalin" ideology of software development it assumes has only tangential coincidence with the real world.  


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