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Deus Ex Machina vicc at
Fri Jul 28 11:50:07 AEST 2006

Brendan Scott [brendansweb at] wrote:
> Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> >I am not sure how any of your response addresses the point that on a 
> >commercial basis,
> >giving away software to drive other sales works in a domestic market.
> >
> >given the constant bleeting about the revenue forgone in giving away 
> >software can be made up by support, I dont see a single example of that in 
> >the gaming market
> >or any other domestic software market for that matter.
> Ideology not only causes inconvenient fact blindness it also causes 
> irrelevant fact obsession.  Most of the anti-FOSS stories are pure 
> ideology.  They would be funny - if it wasn't for the harmful effects on 
> investment and innovation they have. 

I am nost sure what you mean, there is virtually no innovation in foss
that I have seen, perhaps you can give some concrete example of this
amazing "innovation" that foss is creating? what exactly are you talking about?

> >perhaps you can give us some example of commercially sucessful projects
> >that make up lost revenue from giving away software, with support or some 
> >other service
> >in a domestic context?
> 1. What does "in a domestic context" mean?

the home user. you know the average joelene.

> 2. You're the one who says the only way to do it is by selling "support or 
> some other service". I don't make that claim. 

others have though. but lets just stick to loping off one head at a
time from the hydra use of open source as human shields for communists.

>In fact, I think the claim 
> is not only false, the "command-economies-are-a-great-thing-viva-le-Stalin" 
> ideology of software development it assumes has only tangential coincidence 
> with the real world.  

this just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt just a pathetically naive
you are about how business are run. 

here is one of your "free" will always trump proprietary sucess stories:

so what went wrong here? no price mechanism to let people know not to
waste time developing stuff nobody wants?

how tragic because we all know people tinkering in their spare time is far more
important then people trying to create jobs and prosperity for their kids
or mundane things like trying to put food in the table. god forbid that
anyone engage in fair trade when you should be selflessly filling the basket for
communal benefit.

two examples I am waiting for now. the amazing innovation in foss and some
succesful foss project for home users that is working by replacing
revenue from sales with support revenue.


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