[LINK] Industry defends security of bank customers' data

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At 15:56 +1000 7/10/06, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>The very fact that it's the ABA that is flying this kite and not the 
>gummint, makes my BS meter max out.

Add to that the fact that at least some of these are outsourcing 
contracts, not bank subsidiaries operating overseas.  The terms of 
such contracts are unlikely to be publicly available - and unlikely 
to be effective in exercising control over low quality work, and 
abuse of personal data.  The countries in which labour rates are 
attractively low generally have no law, and no framework for 
enforcing any law that they do have.

In short, the likelihood of breach of NPP9 is very high.

But the Privacy Commissioner is unlikely to do anything about it, for 
fear of becoming a burden on business.

>The Australian Bankers Association says consumers can be assured any 
>data collected by overseas call centres comes under Australian 
>New South Wales Fair Trading Minister Diane Beamer has expressed 
>concerns over claims of security failures that allow personal 
>details to be stolen and illegally traded.
>She is calling on banks and financial institutions to guarantee 
>customer security.
>Australian Bankers Association chief executive David Bell says the 
>industry regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 
>(APRA), has issued specific standards that are designed to ensure 
>banks manage the risks of outsourcing.
>"Banks are absolutely determined to protect the customer 
>relationship they have with their customers," he said.
>"It's one of the principal things that we cherish.
>"Banks spend a lot of money doing this and the same standards, the 
>very high standards that apply in Australia, also apply overseas."
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