[LINK] RFID and Privacy: Think Before You Implement

Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Fri Oct 13 10:17:37 AEST 2006

An industry viewpoint of RFID and Privacy.  


"Privacy concerns aren't going to go away. In fact, they're going to 
continue to be an important issue for RFID as well as other AIM 
technologies.  As technologies evolve and become more capable, the 
potential to design applications that could pose a privacy problem will 
only increase. It is up to the vendors and users to think through an 
application thoroughly in order to develop a robust system for the 
customer and to anticipate -- and avoid -- possible privacy and security 

First, it's important to point out that there are literally hundreds, if 
not thousands, of good, secure, and useful implementations of RFID in 
many aspects of public and corporate life.  Why don't we hear more about 
them?  Because they are, in one sense, entirely unremarkable -- they 
provide benefits unobtrusively and efficiently.  In short, they do what 
they're supposed to because they were well thought out and properly 

To date, much of the negative publicity about privacy has been the 
result of RFID implementations or proof-of-concept demonstrations where 
privacy concerns weren't anticipated or systems that were simply poorly 
conceived, communicated or executed.

It there goes on to show examples of RFID/Privacy blunders.

Geoffrey Ramadan B.E.(Elec)
Chairman, Automatic Data Capture Association (www.adca.com.au)
Managing Director, Unique Micro Design (www.umd.com.au)

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