[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Oct 23 00:24:13 AEST 2006

At 11:42 PM 22/10/2006, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
Also following the two guidelines:
>"a)RFID tags should only be linked to personal information or used to 
>profile customers if there is no other way of achieving the goal sought;

What if I don't want to be profiled?

>c)personal information collected using RFID tags should only be used for 
>the specific purpose for which it is first collected and destroyed after 
>that purpose is achieved, and;

But where is the definition of that purpose, other than "profiling" which 
is a very broad term.

And as to "customer" that has an even broader term.  Some entities define a 
customer as ANY person who see's their TV ad!

>would mean that you would not link his data to any other data as this was 
>not its purpose.

At the time.  But later, you know, things change.  New databases are 
created and software is upgraded and redeveloped and data migrated and merged.

Goodness, there are also corporate mergers, where "date was collected for 
customer profiling" and so when the two companies combine, so do the 
databases, after all, it's still customer profiling right?

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