[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Deus Ex Machina vicc at cia.com.au
Mon Oct 16 12:25:56 AEST 2006

Howard Lowndes [lannet at lannet.com.au] wrote:
> Geoff Ramadan wrote:
> >
> >Karl Auer wrote:
> >>On Sun, 2006-10-15 at 22:12 +1000, Geoffrey Ramadan wrote:
> >>>surface appears to conform to the 4 basic RFID privacy resolutions 
> >>>(from the world's data protection and privacy commission)
> >>>1) data not linked to personal information
> >>>2) person fully informed
> >>>3) only use data for what it was intended for
> >>>4) able to delete or disable RFID tag
> >>
> >>Are these the only four?!? What about a person's choice not to take
> >>part?
> >
> >
> >The world's data protection and privacy commission only come up with four.
> >
> >The right not to take part is a given. He can choose to follow the 
> >Airports procedures or he can go to another airport.
> As with any monopoly, if there is only one, then there is no choice; 
> same with governments that allow such monopolies.

go by train or boat or car... of course what we will find is the public
couldnt care less about the bleatings of privacy boofheads and will
gladly take the benefits rfid offer. thats what is the really galling
point that I am going to continue to make as long as the privacy
clunkers continue to insist they represent the public.


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