[LINK] howard shafts commie journos

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Mon Oct 16 21:53:59 AEST 2006

Ahhhh ... they're hiding under everybody's bed, aren't they Vic?

Especially yours ... though God knows for what reason. I mean - since 
you plagiarise everything else, your performance in the sack must be 
singularly uninspiring.

Someone expresses an opinion at variance with the government - 
they're a communist.
Someone lets out a secret the government doesn't like - they're a communist.
Someone conducts a poll that reveals public opinions the government 
doesn't want to surface - they're a communist
Someone uses the Fourth Estate to monitor government performance - 
they're a communist.

And monitoring government performance and scandals, Vic ... I mean 
even trad bona fide communists discouraged that didn't they (with 
their Gulags, and secret police

Come to think of it, I suppose that Fox News is your ideal - provides 
you with 'original' opinions, ideas and the like to air to the 
devoted masses - and is 'independent and unbiased' as they say.

Personally I think the whole journalistic and media professions have 
gone to the dogs (ABC included), and have little sympathy for the ABC 
after the spinelessness it has exhibited over the last few years ... 
but what the heck, if your budget gets cut to the bone what are you 
gonna do?

So, Vic ... In 'Vic world' what is the media supposed to do? Does it 
have any role at all. We could use a good laugh old Son ... I mean do 
they just act as PR hacks (printing and broadcasting everything 
they're fed), do they do searing investigative pieces on dole 
bludgers and leftists, do they chase down pensioners living off the 
'fat of the land' on their $12000 a year, do they expose how the 
commies are taking over and advance Vic Cinc as our own Eugene 
McCarthy, do they conceal any 'unsavoury' aspects of our various 
politicians dealings, do they uncritically support every government 
policy (except of course when the government of the day is a 
communist one)?

I'm interested, Vic. What role does the press have in 'Vic World'?


At 7:46 PM +1000 on 16/10/06 you wrote:
>howard comes good yet again, unionist commie pig dogs squeals in pain:
>"STRICT new rules aimed at preventing bias creeping into any ABC
>programs, from children's shows to news and current affairs, have been
>branded unnecessary and demoralising by staff"
>a clear end to the communist abc. maybe a national day of remberance?
>nah waste of time. a monograph marking the occasion on toilet paper 
>might be more appropriate.
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