[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Mon Oct 16 23:04:22 AEST 2006

On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 06:51:04PM +1000, Geoff Ramadan wrote:
> >>>>1) data not linked to personal information
> >>>> [...]

> How does it conflict with the 4 basic RFID privacy resolutions?
> What is the problem?

well, for starters, it inherently breaks the first requirement you
listed "1) data not linked to personal information".

you can not track a person with RFID (or anything else) *without*
linking it to an identifier for that person, which can obviously be used
as an index into other personal information....and *will* be thus used,
because there's no point at all in doing it otherwise.


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