Attacks on pluralism (was: Re: [LINK] Surely it's time we privatised the ABC)

Deus Ex Machina vicc at
Wed Oct 18 09:28:21 AEST 2006

Kim Holburn [kim at] wrote:
> ?????  Perhaps you're asked to leave because you just don't  
> understand what the other people on the list are talking about, and  
> you don't really want to understand, you just want to get on your  
> soapbox and keep spruking.

oh but I do understand only too well. thats right I have this strange
urge to help people. I managed to outgrow my leftist past, so you can
too! its not hard really, just requires a small change to mind set.

> >>I'll say that again: YOU SHOW US SOME MIDDLE GROUND.
> >
> >pick a topic.
> My topic is: Show us the courage of your convictions: tell us if you  
> get paid to write on this list or you do it for free?



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