Attacks on pluralism (was: Re: [LINK] Surely it's time we privatised the ABC)

Kim Holburn kim at
Wed Oct 18 10:17:29 AEST 2006

On 2006 Oct 18, at 9:28 AM, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> Kim Holburn [kim at] wrote:
>> ?????  Perhaps you're asked to leave because you just don't
>> understand what the other people on the list are talking about, and
>> you don't really want to understand, you just want to get on your
>> soapbox and keep spruking.
> oh but I do understand only too well.

Still not listening.

> thats right I have this strange
> urge to help people.

You're just doing it out of altruism?  Puh-lease.  If you were really  
comfortable with your beliefs you wouldn't have the desperate urge to  
convert everyone else.

> I managed to outgrow my leftist past, so you can
> too! its not hard really, just requires a small change to mind set.

There is no one more fanatical than the convert.  You are a fanatic.

You choose this forum because it is a popular forum, you aren't  
prepared to do the hard work to attract people to join your own list  
yourself.  You couldn't do it, people would just walk away.  You are  
basically a parasite on this list.

>>>> I'll say that again: YOU SHOW US SOME MIDDLE GROUND.
>>> pick a topic.
>> My topic is: Show us the courage of your convictions: tell us if you
>> get paid to write on this list or you do it for free?
> lol


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